A Place To Clay
A Make-It-Yourself Pottery Studio

421 Walnut Boulevard
Rochester, MI 48307

A Place To Clay offers two unique options:
  1. A well-equipped adult facility for wheel throwing, hand building, tile decorating, glazing and oxidation firing. Our studio is your studio!
  2. Small and intimate adult pottery classes provide an environment to encourage your creative self. We can inspire the artist in you!

The Open Studio
Monthly studio rental entitles members to unlimited access to the studio and all of our equipment during business hours. Participants must furnish their own tools. Come in and work in a pleasant atmosphere and collaborate with other artists. Students must show they can work independently. Come as often as you like, stay as long as you want. Pottery wheels can be reserved for two-hour segments not including allocated class times.

Monthly fee is $110. Clay must be purchased from “A Place To Clay.” Clay costs $25 per 25 lb. bag, recycled clay is $12.50 per $25 lbs. The cost of the clay covers your bisque fire, glaze materials, and cone 6 oxidation glaze firing. Shelving space is provided to store your projects and clay.

If you have no wheel experience you must take a wheel class before you can use the wheel for open studio time. If you aren’t familiar with any of the other equipment, please ask for assistance.

Studio Hours:
Tue, Wed & Thu 10am-9pm
Fri & Sat 10am-6pm
Sunday 12pm-5pm
Monday Closed

There is a time to work and a time to Clay!

Pottery Classes
Class Fee $195 include 25 lbs. of clay (additional clay available for purchase), glazes and firings. Students have unlimited access to the studio during business hours to practice for the duration of the semester. Wheels are available when classes are not in session for 2-hour increments. Community shelving for students is available. Participants must furnish their own tools.

We are currently offering 3 ongoing multi-level eight-week classes.
Start at your own convenience, one “make-up” session is allowed.

Tuesday 10am – 1pm
Tuesday 6pm – 9pm
Wednesday 6pm – 9pm

Classes are tailored to meet your needs, a variety of these are described below.

Beginning Ceramics
The beginning ceramics class is designed as an exploration of clay techniques both on and off the wheel and geared toward those with no prior experience.

Beginning Ceramics II
Beginning II will continue the honing of basic skills, shaping cylinders, pulling handles and more advanced handbuilding skills.

Continuing Ceramics
Basic skills are a prerequisite for the continuing class. The class will continue the exploration of shape, lids, handles, spouts, altered and more complex forms.

The handbuilding class explores ways of working with clay without the use of a potter's wheel. Pinch pots, coil pots, slab built and extruded forms are some of the techniques that will be demonstrated.

Registration for classes will be based on a first-come-first-serve basis only.
Payment by cash, check, Visa or Mastercard is due upon registration.

We do not accept pieces for firing that were not made at A Place To Clay.